2022 Painting Trends

Every year there are new trends in home renovation and remodeling. Professional painters and contractors alike can often see the next design trends coming before they really catch fire. With our professional opinion, Ville Painters has gathered a few home painting trends we expect to gain popularity in the new year and looking forward to completing.  

Organic Colors 

After a whirlwind of so many different accent colors, wall textures, and contrasting color combinations seemed to take hold of home decorators during the pandemic, we predict that many will take a step towards neutrals in the upcoming year. Colors that are more inspired by nature have a calming effect and serenity to them, which we are all trying to inspire within our home as we hope to soon welcome more guests. These colors look exceptional with a variety of paint finishes as well, which means using multiple finishes can add texture and subtle contrast to walls or rooms without being jarring. This is a way to achieve a more elevated tone-on-tone trend. 

Organic paint colors can be more than just browns: muted, greyish, and pale colors can be found all throughout the color wheel. Sage green, steel blue, pastel salmon, and a quiet yellow are just a few of the many neutral colors that we would incorporate for an organic feel. Wood, wicker, and leather furniture also pair well with such color pallets, all of which we expect to be making a comeback in  modern home refurnishing trends.  

In the previous few years, accents for contrast seemed to come in the form of accent walls, geometric murals, and wall art. This year, we expect faux texture finishes to start taking hold in many of our homes. They provide an unexpected element of interest to rooms that may not otherwise have elements like wall hangings competing for attention. Rooms like basements, powder rooms, and pantries can benefit from this trend as well since they are often high traffic areas and need a color or texture that easily hides stains and scuffs.  

The 2022 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year – October Mist  

Every year, paint companies come out with what they are projecting the next color of the year to be. This year, Benjamin Moore announced that October Mist 1495 is the color of 2022! This silver-green paint will look amazing in any room and with multiple finishes. It is also easy to match other neutral base tones with, so much so that there is a 2022 color palette already made for inspiration in your home décor! 

Sherwin Williams 2022 Color of the Year –Evergreen Fog  

The next paint brand to announce their color of the year was Sherwin Williams with Evergreen Fog. Again, we see the neutral, slight green tinted grey as the inspiration for this color choice.  

Ville Painters is happy to carry both Sherwin William and Benjamin Moore products. If you are planning on modernizing your home this year, think about using organic colors in any of your rooms. Need help deciding and putting together your color palettes? Contact us today for a free on-site consultation and estimate. Our professional painters are happy to share their industry knowledge with you to beautify your home!