Colors That Will Transform Your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are one of the largest focal points that can make or break your kitchen design. Choosing a new cabinet color can be overwhelming no matter if you’re renovating the entire kitchen or updating the color. Here are some colors to help you spark your kitchen creativity:

WHITE PROS: White cabinets are classic. If you’re looking for a timeless kitchen, this is your go-to option. A white kitchen can be a backdrop for colorful accessories or kept minimal for a contemporary design. It is a cheerful color that reflects light, making the room feel bright even when there is little sunlight. CONS: The obvious downfall of white cabinets is upkeep. Dirt, dust, or stains will be an issue for this color. Most of the time, this can easily be combated when wiped down regularly. If standing alone, white can also have a clinical feeling when warmer accents are not added.

BLUES PROS: If you want to add character to your kitchen without going too crazy, blues are good compromise. Shades of blue tend to give us a sense of relaxation, space, or luxury. Navy blue will add richness to your kitchen while an aquamarine will give that tranquil beach feeling; and there are a million colors in between. CONS: While the blues hues are endless, you can get lost when choosing the right shade. A color swatch might be beautiful on the small scale but consider what it will look like if it’s covering an entire wall of cabinets.

GRAYS PROS: If you love white but the cons are too much, gray might be a option for you. Much like white, grays are a fantastic backdrop for other elements in your kitchen but add a bit more warmth. If you get your inspiration from Pinterest, you may have noticed that gray is definitely a trending option. CONS: Some might think that grays are too trendy and will eventually become a color of the past. In fact, gray was trending in years past.

BRIGHT COLORS PROS: Bright colors can bring your personality into your home while adding a surprise conversation piece for entertaining. Bold colors can add a stark contrast to your walls and other accents. CONS: Much like gray, bright colors tend to sway toward trendy. You might swoon over a burnt orange kitchen design you saw on Pinterest, but you could find it to be overwhelming in person.

When the sun goes down, be sure you also consider what this color will look like under artificial light. Regardless if the color you choose is considered too trendy or bold, your opinion is what matters most. After all, you have to live with it! For many of us, our cabinets might have good bones but the color scheme is out of date. Luckily for us, adding a coat of paint can really transform the room without the price tag of new cabinets. Contact our team for color ideas that work for your space!