Athletic Courts at the Eden Resort get a Refresh!

Basketball, tennis, shuffleboard, even hopscotch – beloved outdoor games that are all played on a specially painted court. Repainting or refinishing these in-house can be a huge undertaking, which is why your local professional painting contractors are here to help! Ville Painters Recently had an interesting project at the Eden Resort & Suites in Lancaster, PA that included repainting their basketball and shuffleboard courts. With the new, smooth surfaces, guests can use these areas to their fullest and create memories from their time spent at the Lancaster County resort. 

The finished basketball court after a day of play

This job included prep, power washing, painting the basketball and shuffleboard court, as well as the white line markings on each. We were able to color match the courts to the original blue and green to stay consistent with the other outdoor areas. To provide a finish that will stand the test of time, each court got three coats of the Inslx Tru-flex® concrete bond coat and smooth colored finish coat by Benjamin Moore. The concrete bond coat is specially designed to act as a bonding membrane for other Tru-flex product adherence. The smooth colored finish coat is a 100% acrylic emulsion coating with reinforcing pigments and UV ray protection to provide amazing durability to asphalt athletic courts. With this combination, the courts are now ready to take on many summers to come with unsurpassed durability.   

As for the numbers, lettering, and lines on the courts, the Tru-flex® Line Marking Paint was used as it has a breathing ability allowing moisture to pass through as vapor and is not affected by hot or cold weather. The formula is high hiding, which allows for clean lines and symbols on surfaces otherwise hard to cut, like asphalt.  

The courts are looking as good as the day the resort opened with the help of Ville Painters’ professional painting contractor team: Arthur, Sergio, and Hadiyah. Our team was excited to get this job as it allowed us to showcase a lesser-known type of painting project. It also gave our artists a chance to flex their abilities to paint clean, straight lines and symbols on the courts. These products can be use on a wide variety of outdoor courts, from commercial to residential properties.  

Are you looking to get your athletic courts prepared for summer play? Do you need holes, peeling paint, or uneven lines repaired? Call the professional painting contractors at Ville Painters to get a free on-site consultation and estimate. Our team is happy to provide our expert opinion on what you may need done to ensure many years of outdoor play to come.