Can You Paint When Renting?

When renting a house, apartment, or even a single room, you want to make sure your space feels like a home. There are a number of ways to do this, like hanging pictures or rearranging the décor, but to really bring the whole area together, changing the color of your walls can be crucial. But when you just rent, there are so many questions running through your mind: is this even allowed, how do you ask your landlord, and how do you provide them confidence? This may seem like a tricky conversation to navigate, but by making sure you are prepared and educated on professional painting, you can improve your chances of success. Ville Painters is here to get you started!  

  1. Am I allowed to paint my rental unit? 

The answer to, “am I allowed to paint my rental”, is most likely detailed in your lease agreement. Dig up a copy and start reading. Certain sections will be more important to you, such as the security deposit clause and an improvements or alterations clause. The security deposit clause is important since if a tenant makes damages or unapproved alterations, like painting the walls, they may lose the security deposit. Each clause may be more specific to each landlord and unit. It may specify no alterations, alterations with approval, paint at tenant’s expense, or paint with nonrefundable deposit. These should explain the limitations and specifications you need to know to decide how to proceed with your painting project.    

Before you proceed or if you are still questioning anything, it is best to contact your landlord directly. 

  1. How do I ask my landlord if I can paint? 

You should have an idea of what your lease agreement states. Whether it explicitly says if you can paint or not, a conversation with your landlord will be beneficial. Before going into the conversation, you should have an outline of your painting project. What products, colors, and finishes will you use? How many rooms or walls do you want to paint? What existing damage will this cover? Being prepared for the project before starting will give you the opportunity to address any reservations they may have before they even ask! It will also reassure them that you are knowledgeable and have a plan in mind, greatly improving your chances of success.  

  1. How do I give my landlord confidence in my painting project? 

After your conversation, the landlord might still have reservations on allowing you to paint your rental unit. There are some advantages to a fresh coat of paint that you can mention to sway their decision in your favor:  

  • It will save the landlord time and expenses when they must paint in the future. Painting the property is inevitable; wear and tear is normal from tenant to tenant but should still be repaired as needed. It may be time for a new paint job anyway, so why not let the tenant do it themselves! 
  • Alterations may increase rental value. Updating the color scheme may make it more appealing to renters looking for a modern dwelling. Also, you will have already covered damage, stains, and marks on the walls which will make the property more appealing to future tenants. 
  • Personalizing a unit may make for a longer rental agreement. If your dwelling really feels like your home, it will probably make you want to stay longer. The more time, money, and personal touches put into a rental unit make it harder to say goodbye. Landlords benefit from a long-term rental since they won’t have to go through the hassle of finding a new tenant.  
  • Professional painting contractors ensure a job well done. If after all of this, your landlord still isn’t 100% convinced. Try asking if they would be satisfied if you had a professional painting contractor come to apply the fresh coat of paint. This way, they know someone with experience is handling the project and the chances of something going awry are lessened.  

If you need a professional painter for your next painting project, look no further than Ville Painters, serving Lancaster County and the surrounding areas. We are experienced in many projects including painting for property managers and rental properties. Our skill set and expertise go back more than 34 years, so you know you are getting the best of the best. Fill out our contact sheet or call us now at 717-396-1176 to set up a free on-site consultation and estimate!