Color Psychology for Interior Painting

May 2021

By Madeline Hirtzel

Our color choices reflect our diverse personalities and preferences, but does it have the power to influence our moods and invoke certain emotions? Color psychology is the study of how hues manipulate human behavior. Psychological studies have proven that different colors do hold some sway over our behavior, with their influence depending on age, gender, and culture. However, there are some universal themes in people’s response to certain colors; for instance, blue is seen as soothing and red is viewed as an exciting, heart-racing color. Some psychologists say that these responses result from millennia of psychological evolution—red signifies blood and blue evokes clear skies or calm seas.

How We Apply Color Psychology in Painting

Theories in color psychology and color therapy are frequently applied in interior decoration and curb appeal. Sue Kim, color marketing manager for paint company Valspar, says, “In the world of interior paint, color therapy is simply used by selecting a wall color that speaks to you personally, crafting a mood you’re wanting to achieve for the space,” (Healthline). As professional painters in Lancaster County, we know how important colors, sheens, and textures are to those who interact with them every day, which is why we can help collaborate with you on color choices depending on your needs.

Theories in color psychology and color therapy are frequently applied in interior decoration and curb appeal.

We want our homes to be safe spaces in which we can relax, detach, and freely express ourselves. After we spend most of our time at home due to COVID-19, we discovered that our wall colors can heavily influence our moods. For those looking to change interior colors, Sue Kim has suggestions for each room, “Colors that bring you calm, and balance are great for bathrooms and bedrooms, typical spaces used for relaxation. Vibrant, energizing hues are incorporated in kitchens and dining rooms, spaces that are vibrant and used for socialization” (Healthline). Soothing hues like blues and grays are preferred for those relaxing spaces like bathrooms. Reds, oranges, and yellows can help you become alert, and boost your mood and confidence, therefore they are recommended for rooms where socializations happen, such as dining rooms and living rooms.

This is great when deciding what color to paint your homes, but what about at the office? We know there are so many unique businesses in Lancaster County, so different colors may be used depending on the work you do and what your employees need. If you strive for a calm environment, choose green that helps with concentration, while if you need creative inspiration yellow may be an option since it energizes and has a positive connotation.

Ville Painters has an in-house artist o guide you in making color choices that best suits you and your needs. We understand how important interior painting can be on the walls you look at every day, especially since they can affect moods. With unrivaled craftsmanship and attention to detail, Ville Painters provides an exceptional customer experience. Call us now at (717) 396-1176 for a free on-site consultation, estimate, or a color consulting session!