Epoxy Coating on Garage Floors

An industry standard when laying the surface for garage floors is to use garage floor epoxy. Epoxy is a tougher coating, has a different chemical composition, and is harder to apply than paint. Therefore, it is so important to follow proper preparation and application instructions for each product. Before you get started on your own or think about refinishing your floors, get to know the product a little better.  

What is in the Epoxy Kit? 

You can purchase a number of epoxy garage floor coating kits at any hardware store, paint stores, and even online. Most are sold in gray, brown, or white scale colors with optional color chips. Depending on the kit you purchase, it should include instructions, color chips, the two-part epoxy, and etching solution. While you’re picking up the kit, make sure you have the necessary equipment and materials as well:  

  • Broom  
  • Wet-dry shop vacuum  
  • Stiff brush 
  • Garden hose 
  • Work gloves and eye protection  
  • 3-inch paint brush 
  • 9-inch paint roller with ½inch nap roller cover and roller extension handle  
  • Concrete degreaser 
  • Painter’s tape  
  • Plastic sheet 

Preparation work  

While new concrete will provide the best results, you can work with older concrete slabs as well if proper repair and patching work is done. Make sure there are no serious cracks, chips, or spalls left unrepaired. Use concrete patching to any areas with these problems, and once fully cured, degrease and etch the concrete as instructed by the epoxy manufacturer. These repairs are important and will affect the result of any epoxy coating applied later.  

Epoxy Coating Instructions  

Clean and degrease 

  1. Using your broom and shop vacuum, clean all dirt and debris from the floor.  
  2.  Using your degreaser and a stiff brush, remove all grease and rinse with a garden hose. Allow the floor to fully dry. 

Etch the Concrete 

  1. Using the etching solution from the epoxy kit, etch the concrete floor following the manufacturer instructions. Make sure to wear safety goggles and gloves 
  2. Mix etching solution with water. 
  3. Pour solution onto floor and work in with a stiff brush or broom. Foaming will occur.  
  4. Rinse area with hose and let concrete dry over a few days 

Protect Other Areas 

  1. Apply painter’s tape to bottom of walls and tape plastic sheeting to the bottom of walls 
  2. If possible, remove baseboards to allow the epoxy to fully reach the wall  

Mix Epoxy  

  1. To mix the catalyst (Hardener) and resin (“paint”), while stirring the resin slowly pour in the catalyst. Stir until fully mixed (2-5 minutes) 
  2. Close the container and let the mixture rest for the time specified by manufacturer 

Apply Epoxy 

  1.  You will have only two hours to apply the epoxy, so start applying as soon as the epoxy is ready. Keep the garage ventilated throughout the entire process.  
  2. Use a 3in paint brush to cut in along edges and a 9in roller with roller cover and extension handle to spread epoxy on floor. Work in sections no bigger than 10 x 10 feet. 
  3. Make sure a wet edge is maintained by rolling over the edges of the last section. 
  4. OPTIONAL: if you are using the decorative color chips, apply them by hand as you finish epoxying each section. Toss them up and out onto the floor.  
  5. OPTIONAL: wait at least 12 hours to apply a second coat. 

Drying Process 

  1. Wait 24 to 48 hours before walking on the newly coated floor and a week before parking cars or lawn equipment in the garage. These times may vary depending on the product.  

The entire process with cleaning, preparation, and application could take 2-3 days. Don’t have the time? Call your local painting contractor for professional assistance! They will recommend the best products, colors, and services for your garage while saving you time and effort completing the project. Ville Painters applies garage floor epoxy coatings to all size garages with expert craftsmanship. If you are looking for a Lancaster County painter for any home improvement jobs, call us today at 717-396-1176 to set up a free on-site consultation and estimate! 


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