Exterior Season is Here!

With the weather finally warming up, Ville Painters is getting ready to schedule exterior painting projects for the upcoming months! When was the last time your home or building’s exterior was painted – has it been more than five or even ten years? If so, your property is due for a refresh. Keeping your exterior and siding painted does much more than just cosmetic improvement; it protects against insects, weather, and sunlight damage that is common in areas like Pennsylvania that experience all four seasons. Need more help determining whether or not it’s time to repaint, keep reading to see some more factors.  

  1. Quality of Paint Job 

The quality of your last painting project plays a huge part in when you will need to repaint again. A professional paint job ensures the longest possible life of the coats. If the area was not properly prepared or the paint was applied insufficiently, you will need to do touch-ups much sooner. Another aspect of quality to keep in mind is the number of coats of paint previously applied. As you can imagine, two coats are much more durable than one. Because of this, you should absolutely think of having two coats of paint applied at your next exterior painting job!  

  1. Products 

The products that were used on your last exterior project also play a huge part in the longevity of a paint job. In years past, oil-based paints were sometimes recommended depending on your painting contractor. However, oil-based exterior paints are more likely to harden, blister, crack, and grow mildew than acrylic latex paints which Ville Painters suggests. Then, of course, the quality and type of paint will improve its durability. It is better to invest a smaller amount up front, than to find yourself needing a new coat of paint prematurely after cutting costs on product choices.  

  1. Maintenance Done 

Yearly maintenance is key in upholding the integrity of an exterior paint project. Make sure to regularly inspect for moisture damage, peeled or cracking paint, insect infestation, and caulk sealing. These can all affect a paint job’s life span and how well it provides protection. If you have been keeping up with your home’s needs, that’s great – your paint can probably last a few extra years! If not – we understand and are more than happy to address any problems during our paint project! 

Thinking of getting a head start on this summer’s home renovations? Start with a fresh coat of paint from the professionals. Ville Painters is now scheduling free on-site consultations and providing estimates to all our potential clients! We are happy to assess your home’s current situation and give our recommendations on what needs to be done this season.