How to Get Hired as a Professional Painter

So, you want to know what painting companies are looking for in new employees? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Professional trades are always looking for skilled talent, now more than ever. Lancaster County has so many different trades to enter, but competition may be stiff when you’re just starting out. Whether you are a seasoned artist, fresh out of trade school, or looking to get into a new industry, there are certain things an employer will be looking for in applicants.  

Step 1: Application Process

Let’s start at the beginning; your application and resume are the starting point to get your foot in the door. Make sure you tailor your resume to the specific job you are applying to. For example, if the position is lead painter, it will require leadership, management, and organization skills. Make sure you include any situations at previous jobs or schooling where you oversaw a team, project, or had extended responsibilities past that of an entry level employee. Have you ever had to work alone on something? Try writing instead that you had to be self-motivated to independently complete company required tasks that propelled other business activities. Did you excel in art classes in school? Then you must have an advanced eye for color and detail with a steady hand for painting! Lastly, include any data like time frames or improvements that you have done. Have you come in under on product budget by properly storing unused materials, saving the company $X amount, or finished a site half a day under the expected time frame, enabling you to start a new project sooner? Numbers are easy to understand and a fantastic way to display your accomplishments.  

Step 2: Interview Process

Then you get a call back for an interview, congrats! Remember here that first impressions are everything. Make sure you dress professionally; don’t wear those paint splattered overalls just yet. A pair of khakis with a belt, closed toed shoes, and a collared shirt will set you apart from anyone coming in with jeans and a t-shirt. When you’re talking about your experience, be confident in yourself, they obviously already saw something worth seeing you. Feel free to interject small personal details about your life, like about your family, but keep intense or heavy topics for once you know your coworkers better. At the end of the interview, they will ask if you have any questions for them, so come with some prepared! Here are some good ending question examples: 

  • Is there an available career growth path for someone hired into this position and what does it look like?  
  • Follow up with approximate time frame questions or what it takes to get promoted. 
  • What are some of the tools I need to provide for myself to be ready for success on my first day? 
  • Do you have any hesitations about my application that I could answer for you at this moment?  
Employee Painting Lancaster Brewing Company Signage

Step 3: Follow Up

Interview is done and you’re on your way home, what a relief! Either before you go to bed that night or the next morning, email the people who interviewed you thanking them for their time and consideration. If you’re feeling extra confident, give them some days and times you can come in for a trial day or second interview. You’ll be on their payroll in no time! Ville painters hires on a consistent basis and is currently looking for both lead and team painters. Visit our career page to apply now!