Is Your Porch Ready for Summer?

IS YOUR PORCH READY FOR THE SUMMER? The weather is finally warming (I think!), the birds are energetically singing in early morning hours and our days continue to lengthen.  This must mean that summer is just around the corner!  Is your porch ready for you to enjoy?  Consider these ideas in either preparing your porch or just updating it for the summer.

  • Clean your porch.  It was a long winter and the spring has not provided us many warm days to get outside, so if you have not already done so, give your porch a thorough cleaning.  Check for any maintenance issues that need attention while you are cleaning.
  • Update your outdoor furniture.  Swap out old, damaged furniture with something new, at least new to you.  Yard sales, used furniture stores or consignment shops are a great source for providing gently used outdoor furniture.  New cushions or paint can give new life to slightly used furniture.  Ville Painters will paint or stain your outdoor furniture, as well as wrought iron furniture.
  • Paint the ceiling.  Our customer, whose porch is shown in the below, chose her porch ceiling color because it reminded her of the porches in Charleston on historic homes.
  • Paint the floor.  Painting floors will make the area look finished and add interest.  Paint or stain will add life the your flooring as well.
  • Add hanging baskets and potted plants.  These will make your area more beautiful.   The photo above shows how plants can enhance your porch, as well as, add privacy.
  • Bring the indoors outside.  Add homey touches like mirrors, rugs, pillows and candles.  However, consider your needs for weather resiliency.
  • Add lights.  Lighting sets the mood.  Some ideas are to hang a string of lights or light candles for soft light.  If your space is well protected you might want to add table lamps or floor lamps.
  • Make your space comfortable all year.  Place throw blankets around for cooler mornings or evenings.  Hang a ceiling fan, if your space allows for it, or place fans around on end tables.  Add a fireplace, if your space will allow for it. Consider safety for this item.
  • Accent your porch with colors that complement the surrounding area.  Benjamin Moore has a tool that can help you choose the perfect accent colors.  Start by taking a photo of the area you would like to complement.  For example, take a photo of your favorite flowers in bloom or the shrubbery that boarders your porch.  I used their Color Capture tool to find accent colors for the brick on my home.  See photo below.

    Benjamin Moore's Color Capture tool

    Benjamin Moore’s Color Capture tool chose accent colors based off a photo of the homeowner’s brick wall.

There are many more ideas out there for preparing your porch for your summertime enjoyment.  The following links can be used for finding more information on the topic:  Front Porch Ideas and More, Country Living and House Beautiful.