Maintaining Your Shutters

IMG_1495We have been painting older and historic buildings in the Lancaster County area for 28 years. There are so many beautiful architectural styles that help to remind us of our past. As a painting contractor, one thing I noticed to be a common thread is the use of shutters. They are typically not used for their intended purpose but add character and charm.  They also can require additional maintenance. Because they are exposed to the elements on all sides, the coatings tend to break down faster than on most components of your home’s exterior. Moisture works its way into the joints and takes its toll.  On many occasions clients or homeowners may only have painted the outside face because that is the only side you see.  This is not recommended!  The entire shutter should receive full treatment if they are going to last for the next generation to enjoy. Once you see areas beginning to fail, touch them up if you can. Keeping bare wood protected is the best defense.  We often will remove and refinish shutters in our shop over the winter.  For contractors it is a perfect “inside job” to help keep everyone busy during the slower season.  Ambitious homeowners can also make this a satisfying winter project. You may call us or email for tips on preparation (the most important part of any paint job). We also can place aluminum capping on them to help longevity by keeping snow & moisture off the top rail. Shutters are an important and esthetic architectural component of your home. Whether your shutters are in need of a full overhaul or just a color change, let Ville Painters come to assess your needs and recommend a maintenance program for you. slogan jpgFacebook_logo-6Googlehouzzangies listYelp_Logo_No_Outline_ColorInstagram_logo_vector-2      ]]>