More Than Just Paint

Ville Painters is a fully insured painting contractor – but we do much more than just changing color in your life. As part of any service, we must provide an on-site walk through of the property to assess conditions, individual needs, and offer professional advice. During this process, we may discover issues which call for repairs. This could even set back your painting project a few days – but don’t worry! Most of these situations can be addressed by our skilled painters or preferred partners. However we move forward, it is all in an effort to keep your project on track and retain the integrity of your biggest investment, your home. 

Power Washing 

Most home exteriors need to be cleaned before the start of a painting project. Power washing is a preferred method to quickly get rid of any moss, dried dirt, mildew, or other debris. When done properly, it will promote proper adhesion and provide a more consistent finish. Skipping this step may increase the likelihood of a new paint job’s premature failure. In the event power washing is needed, Ville Painters is able to provide this service to our customers.  

Woodwork Repairs  

It can be so disheartening when a contractor comes to you in the middle of their work to tell you that something else must be done before they move forward with their job. This happens to all construction service workers regularly. Some clients are willing to wait for another company to come fix all issues. We have preferred partners with the skills to fix routine issues in areas like windows or trim. Moisture is typically the main culprit here as if wood trim is not treated or painted regularly, a small crack could grow into a large rotted area. This Lancaster County home was a recent example of this issue; the windows did not need replacement, but had to be addressed. By cutting out and repairing the affected area, we were able to fend off a total window replacement.  

Restoration Paint Removal 

A standard paint prep calls for scraping and sanding to remove loose, peeling paint, but there are times when clients are looking for a higher level of preparation. To achieve a more uniform coat of paint, more than just one previous layer of paint may need to be removed. Depending on the type of paint and level of prep desired, infrared light, heat guns, and paint strippers are some of the best options available. This decision is 100% the owner’s preference, but we will make recommendations drawn from our years of experience. For example, if it is a door and the wood may swell, the next coat of paint could mean you are hindering the door’s usability. Rather than additional prep on the second-floor trim, which may not be highly visible, extra attention and investment would be better suited to the area surrounding your front entry. These are just some decisions an owner must make.  

Of course, all these services depend on the individual job and the owner’s needs. Our skilled painters and contractors are happy to collaborate with you on your next improvement project! To schedule a free on-site consultation and estimate, call us at 717-396-1176 or fill out our contact form.