New Power Washing Division part of Ville Painters, Inc.

Have you walked outside your home or property lately?  The seasons can take their toll on exteriors, leaving them dirty and lowering curb appeal. Breathe life back into your outside environment with Ville Painters’ power washing services! One of the most interesting reactions I receive when discussing power washing is “I didn’t know you guys did that”. 

Since this is part of our standard cleaning process prior to repainting, we do this on almost every exterior project. We have the craftsmen, systems, equipment, and experience to open up a new market for Ville Painters Inc., our Power Washing Division. This spring we will be offering our client base and many new customers reliable power washing services for their exterior surfaces. Whether it is cleaning siding, patios & walkways, around the pool, garage floors, we will clean up your space! 

We are developing and further training a team dedicated to this vertical market and intend to roll out this division sometime in April.  Meanwhile look for further information coming your way reminding our loyal client base that we offer this service.

Through an electronic estimating system, out team will be able to go out and meet with you to look at the project and measure for a cost estimate. The dimensions along with a visual of what ladder setups will be needed help to project costs with a high degree of accuracy. It is an opportunity for us to broaden our client base and have them enjoy the same “extraordinary experience” that we offer our painting clients.

Take a walk outside in the next few days (especially on your North facing elevation) and see if we can provide you with this new service. If while we are there, you have some other things for us to look at, we would be happy to work with you on any projects you are considering.  Call for a free estimate soon though, our Power washing team is also responsible for cleaning our painting projects and those are about to break out soon!

NOTE:  With regards to wood and aluminum siding, certain preventative measures and controlled application must take place to ensure we do not esthetically disturb the surface. Some surfaces simply cannot be cleaned without affecting the finish. For example, it is likely that an older, oxidized and chalky aluminum surface will not clean evenly. Also, wood siding that is showing signs of loose, peeling paint may not be washed without consequence. 90% of what we typically would power wash does not fall under “compromised” substrates.  We do have the ability to touch up, and even “face-off” those areas if revealed when the washing operation is complete.