Painting Exterior Stucco

The most defining characteristics of stucco are a rough, uneven appearance that creates texture on a home’s exterior. It gained popularity among builders and homeowners in the past decades because of its unique looks and low maintenance. But just like all exterior finishes, over time normal wear and tear will cause its appearance to fade. However, there are ways to maintain and even enhance its look through proper care and maintenance. The professional painting contractors at Ville Painters are here to explain the ins and outs of stucco upkeep! 

Inspect Exterior Stucco  

We recommend that you inspect your home’s exterior annually regardless of façade. Look for flaking or peeling paint, cracks, and build up. These problems can occur due to weather, moisture, or settling issues. It is better to fix these flaws as they happen so that they don’t graduate into a bigger mess.  

Keep the Exterior Surface Clean 

Every home exterior should be cleaned as needed, but especially stucco. The grooves and creases of the surface are prone to holding on to dirt. To get a good clean you can use a stiff brush or broom to go over the area, then wash them with a high-pressure hose or power wash. If you are still left wanting a cleaner appearance, then it may be time to paint.  

Painting Your Exterior Stucco 

Painting stucco is much different than painting a flat, even surface. First, the overall surface area will be greater than normal, texture may differ from wall to wall, sunlight and temperature may affect paint performance. Keeping these things in mind, you now want to get your surfaces ready for the project:  

  1. Fix any imperfections: caulk and repair any small cracks or damage. Wait until the caulk hardens as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions before painting.  
  1. Prime the surface: if previously unpainted, use a high-quality acrylic primer for uniform application and better coverage. Think about applying two coats if you are worried about paint pooling in crevices and dripping.  
  1. Paint the Stucco: Consider spraying on the paint first, then going over the paint with a roller for even coverage. Make sure to get into all bumpy, textured surfaces. Wait for this coat to dry as directed on the manufacturer’s instructions, then apply a second coat of paint if needed.  

Because of all the tools, materials, and time needed to take on a large project like painting a home’s exterior stucco, you may want to think about getting quotes from local painting contractors. Ville painters can provide a free on-site consultation and estimate for any homeowner in Lancaster County and the surrounding areas. We are happy to work with you for the best outcome. Call us today at 717-396-1176 or contact us by filling out our contact sheet.