Recharging the “Batteries”

I just got back from the Painters Academy 3rd annual Painting Profits Summit.  This year the conference was in the beautiful city of Chattanooga, TN. There were over a hundred innovative business owners and influential industry leaders. While I was in the “classroom”, my wife Christy was able to visit museums and walk around the waterfront.  In the evenings we enjoyed the Southern Charm of the unique restaurants and very good craft breweries. If the opportunity presents itself, I strongly encourage Chattanooga as a destination to visit. 

The great thing about conferences is that they get your batteries recharged. With the economy on the upswing, the mood was much different than events like these from 10 years ago when everyone was reacting to the challenges of the recession. People from all across the country congregate to learn, share ideas, and re-connect. 

There were several take-aways for me this year. The most rewarding was that I was able to share much of what we do as a customer service oriented company. That seemed to be the universal theme – providing an exceptional experience for you, our customers. This included ways to incentivize employees to go the extra mile in providing stellar service. There were so many ideas from companies of all sizes and from various geographic markets. These ideas were all designed to develop the relationship between the client, painters, and the office.  The biggest byproduct is the morale of the field because they see their role is vitally important to the success of the company.

Some of the other highlights were social network marketing, email campaigns, and technology solutions to streamline the process from “first call” to the final walk-through and beyond.  When I was on the “Hotseat” presenting my company to the audience, I was asked to share what had the biggest impact in my business over the past 30 years. My response was very clear after having spent 2 days in this high energy, trade specific conference.  It was my involvement over the years in organizations and conferences like this. The ideas, systems, and passion for excellence we share with each other brings so much value for me to share with others, helping them grow as customer service professionals.