Retirement Community Renovations – Brethren Village

When moving into a new home, what do you want the walls to look like? Probably clean, free of damage, and with a neutral tome that can easily match with the décor you are bringing in. This extends into new apartment, and even retirement homes. Ville Painters has been working with Brethren Villiage of Lancaster County for almost a decade, making sure all new residents have a fresh and welcoming living space.  

The Brethren Village community is vast and has many buildings or sectors that residents frequent. Part of this living space is the assisted living apartments, or their main private living area. These areas go through routine renovations as needed, which is when our painters are hired for interior work. Our job is to apply a fresh coat of paint to anywhere that needs it: walls, doors, trim, bathrooms, etc. We also take care of any spot damage from things like nail holes or damage from furniture. A clean slate before a new lease is signed helps our clients to provide the best care for your loved ones.  

Another part of the living space includes shared areas, such as hallways, meeting rooms, or dining areas. As residents are encouraged to walk about the grounds and visit one another, these can become high traffic areas. Interior painting is also done here depending on how often the facilities manager deems necessary. Factors that decide this include common damage but also branding aspects. If Brethren Village goes through a rebrand where they change possible company colors, logos, even signage fonts, all old branding should be painted over to keep a cohesive business image. This allows the company to establish themselves in the minds of residents and potential clients as a premiere retirement village in Lancaster County.  

Ville Painters treats this commercial client special as it is also a residential area, so we keep our client, and the village resident needs into account when scheduling and choosing products. By doing this we ensure that the process of getting a fresh coat of paint is done as smoothly as possible. If you are a business or individual that would like our specialty services, please contact us for a free on-site consultation and estimate.