School Buildings Need Painting

Ville Painters is experienced in all types of commercial painting projects – including school buildings. Lancaster County has so many different school districts and learning facilities, each catering to a different area or type of student, and we recognize each has different maintenance needs. However, learning facilities of all types need to be refreshed and renewed just like our homes and businesses. The benefits of repainting your school buildings are extensive. For example, it can: 

  • Maintains the building’s value
  • Can feature updated branding
  • Remove damages like chips, splintering or unwarranted artwork
  • Protects against future damages

When taking on a commercial painting project like this, it can be a great idea to involve the students in the planning: allowing them to vote on colors, see the painters in action, or explaining the benefits of each project may spark interest in a field otherwise unheard of. Whether its from participation in a new club or a submission contest of their renovation plans, there will be opportunities to foster inclusivity and learning around the subject. Submit the winning student submission to your local news paper and invite the community to see the renovations if you want to generate interest and possible investments for your school district. Alumnae love to come see how their old stomping grounds have changed – or stayed the same as when they roamed the halls. Just look at the locker renovation we did not too long ago at McCaskey High School in Lancaster City:

Aside from the benefits such a project will have, Ville Painters has experience with product offerings specific to school buildings. For example, chalkboard paint lets you make any interior surface an erasable chalk board, and we have the same offering in a dry erase paint as well, which we love to use in our own conference room! In your high traffic areas like hallways, gyms, and locker rooms, we recommend Ultra Spec® Scuff-X® Interior Latex, that has scuff resistant technology to keep the space looking fresh for longer.

No matter the space, specifications, or needs your school district has for a renovation, we would strive to exceed expectations when working with you. The experienced painters at our Lancaster office would love to set up a date for a free on-site consultation, estimate, or information session. Give us a call today at 717-396-1176 or email us at  We look forward to meeting you!