When Senior Homes need a Fresh Coat of Paint

Lancaster County and the surrounding areas have become a great location for Senior living facilities to service. With the growing older population in the area, an abundance of nursing homes, retirement homes, memory care, and older adult communities have sprung up over the years. Ville Painters likes to think of them as a healthy combination of residential and commercial properties. People call these buildings their home, but they are operated by a business that oversees daily and long-term activities. Just like any home or commercial building, regular renovations are necessary. These renovations should include an occasional fresh coat of paint, and Ville Painters is here to explain the benefits and threats of such a project. 

Considerations When Painting Senior Living Facilities

First and foremost, we thought about the residents inhabiting these places. Older adults see colors slightly different than younger people. This is because the eye’s lens hardens with age, making colors appear dull or grayer. Contrast is less noticeable as well since the cells in the retina decline in sensitivity. On top of this, glare from light and sheens may increase and irritate one’s vision. These factors need to be taken into consideration when deciding on color, texture, finishes, and patterns decorating walls. Another aspect to recognize is that different colors have varying effects on people, and to learn more about this, read our blog post on color psychology

Next, we look at the business side of these facilities. Why should a fresh coat of paint be a top improvement priority? There are many reasons, one being that it maintains the building’s property value. Visible paint damage not only lowers perceived quality of the facility, but it lowers the actual recordable value of the building. Commercial buildings should be repainted more than residential, including refurbishing for new residents, updated branding, or to cover noticeable damage from walking aids.  

Color Schemes for Senior Homes

After deciding to beautify your space with a fresh coat of paint, take a look at color pallets specific to Senior Care Centers, such as Sherwin-Williams’ Senior Living Color Collections. You can also browse paints with added benefits such as sanitizing or air purifying technology. These can both be tailored to embody your brand image.  

 With the growing number of Senior care communities in South Central Pennsylvania, we want to make sure your facility ranks among the best. Don’t let the competition outpace you, take small steps to improve your facilities for all stakeholders. Ville Painters is experienced in refurbishing senior facilities and takes extra care for such special businesses. Our returning commercial clients appreciate the collaboration, timeliness, and organization we provide, which we would love to extend to you. Schedule a free on-site consultation and estimate today by contacting us at 717-396-1179.