Spring Maintenance

The recent mild weather serves as a reminder that Spring is on its way!  Now is the perfect time to take a few moments and take a maintenance walk-around of your home or business.  The constant freezing and thawing that accompany the wild swings in temperature we have experienced can play havoc with caulk joints and other substrates and leave your home vulnerable to moisture. There are a few things in particular to look for.

  1. Look to see if surface growth or mildew has attacked your exterior. It typically occurs on the northern exposure where direct sunlight may be minimized.  This can break down the finish that is protecting your home and allows dirt and moisture to compromise wood substrates.
  2. Look for open cracks around your frames & sills, especially in older homes. Snow and rain can easily find its way to your homes interior and create numerous problems with plaster and woodwork.  It also is an open for insects like termites to nest and create another set of issues.
  3. Make sure your rail system is free flowing and not clogged or blocked in any way. This prohibits water to be directed away from your home’s exterior.
  4. Check for cracking in the finish paint,. Especially on sills and other horizontal surfaces where snow and rain can lay for days on end, seeping into the surface of the wood.

We encourage you to call and allow us to come out and conduct an inspection of your home.  While you might not be in need of a full paint job on the exterior.  You can certainly take care of the problems areas and extend the lift of your homes finish.  Call (717)-396-1176 and we will have someone with the expertise needed to make a valid assessment of your situation and offer any solutions should a problem be discovered.