To DIY or Hire a Professional

Not a home design DIY extraordinaire? We can’t blame you – there is a lot of time and considerations to take into account when starting any renovation. Are you starting an interior or exterior? What is the square footage of every surface? Do you have the right tools, ladders, rollers? What damage do you have to patch or sand first? What is the weather, temperature, and ventilation like? The list goes on, and don’t even get us started with specialized products to consider for each room or surface. We know everyone thinks that doing it yourself always saves money, but it is not always the case, especially if somehow there are unexpected mishaps. We have some recommendations for DIYers and contractor hirers alike that will help your next project to a smooth completion.  

What is the scope of work and your own skill level? 

Is this is your first time doing a DIY home renovation project? Do your research, follow the manufacturer instructions, and leave yourself plenty of time for any problems that may arise. We always suggest at least talking to a professional about their recommendations and what products they would use, information you might be able to get after a free on-site consultation. Then, watch instructional videos on proper application and prep work before starting to set yourself up for success!  

Are you an experienced DIYer, handy man or handy woman, and possibly completed your own painting project before? You’re already one step ahead of the rest! You could probably be confident in taking on a small closet, single wall, exterior shutters, or some trim in a single weekend, especially if it’s only one coat of paint. If the walls are uneven, need sanding or patching, you could still most likely do it yourself, but make sure to follow all product instructions and allow proper curing or drying time.  

Are there extensive cracks and damages that need to be fixed? Is it a drastic color change? Does paint need to be stripped or wallpaper removed? This will require added time, products, and skills that not all of us have. Do you have high ceilings or multiple stories? If you find yourself needing extension ladders and even scaffolding, leave it to the painting contractors. It is better to trust professionals who are insured and have used the equipment before, than to figure it out as you go and possibly end up with more work than you started with.  

Hiring a Professional 

After some careful consideration, you have decided to hire a painting contractor; good choice! When researching professional painters, you may go through some of the same questions we previously suggested if you are trying to balance quality with price. A local father-son duo might do an amazing job on a newly built, minimum prep work home. Your retired neighbor could be great at refinishing your exterior siding. However, with these one-off painters, you must be comfortable taking a risk and not being able to get many references or examples of previous work. We expect their prices to be unbeatable though!  

Maybe you are looking for the best or second best – you need to be sure your home will look pristine and the project will go off without a hitch! Now its time to research some professional painting contractors. You google “painting contractors near me” – the results page goes on and on, but how do you distinguish them? We suggest anyone you hire to be accredited by a painting contractor organization, like the Painting Contractors Association (PCA) of which Ville Painters is a member. Next, take a look at their website: are they current or is it outdated, do they regularly publish industry insights, are there examples of their work and do they have a strong mission? You may find a link to their social media pages which is great because this is our next suggestion! Take to Facebook or Instagram to look at their recent jobs and assess their skill level, you may even find that they recently completed a comparable job to your own. Lastly, take to their review page on Facebook, Google, Yelp, or Houzz to see what customers are saying.  

Make a list of at least your top two or three choices, call their office and schedule a free on-site consultation or estimate. Within a timely manner, you should get back a bid to make comparisons and choose based on your comfort. This is something that we believe ALL professional painting contractors should do. If you are in the Lancaster County area and looking for a professional painter, Ville Painters is happy to offer free on site consultation and estimates to any customer. Schedule yours today by filling out our contact form, or calling us at 717-396-1176. If your DIY did not go as well as planned, we won’t judge – we’ll just hurry in to make any repairs and even let you take all the credit! 

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