Ville Painter’s Mask of Choice

Even before COVID-19, certain parts of a painter’s job have always required wearing a mask. The face coverings our workers wear are meant to filter out any unwanted particles during residential or commercial building maintenance. It is just an added bonus that they qualify as protection against other illnesses! 

The 9205+ N95

If you are doing any home improvement projects that require proper face coverings, such as paint stripping, spray painting, sanding, woodworking, or chemical handling, we are more than happy to share our mask of choice. The 3M™ Aura™ Particulate Respirator 9205+, N95 is the optimal mask for most construction jobs. The disposable N95 respirators should be used in jobs with high risk of exposure to harmful airborne particles as it protects at least 95% against non-oil based particles, approved by NIOSH. If you see a painter working while wearing one of these respirators, it is best you stay out of the room or area they are in as there is a risk of inhaling harmful particles.  

The shape of the mask and three panel design is made for increased comfort and breathability when working. It features a metal nose piece which helps seal the edges of the mask to the face while the rest of the cover sits away from the face. This design also helps reduce eye glass fog, which is extremely important when looking at the details of a painting project and in jobs that require both a mask and eye protection. We choose to stock up on these masks to wear on most commercial and residential painting sites, as they have a 5 year shelf life.  

Regardless of if a job technique requires it or not, our teams are happy to wear an approved face covering when coming in contact with our customers. During our free on-site consultation, feel free to mention that you would prefer our expert painters wear face coverings when inside or around others and we will ensure they are equipped with a mask, such as the 9205+ N95.