Ville Painters Supports Toys for Tots

2021 Toys for Tots was a Success!

Our volunteering for Toys for Tots this December was nothing short of a success! After gathering toys for the past three months at our Lancaster County location, we were able to provide gifts for families this holiday season. We then volunteered one night of our time to work at the Toys for Tots warehouse, where we were lucky enough to walk the isles with families and pick out toys for the kids in their lives. Ville Painters loves to give back to the community and found it especially important this year as so many of us find ourselves in more difficult situations.

However, when compared to years past, the amount of toy donations in the Lancaster area unfortunately fell short. We know this could be for any number of reasons, but it gives us a reason to come back even stronger for next year! We look forward to continue working with Toys for Tots in the Future and a big thank you everyone in our company who came out to volunteer!

Our Involvement

We love to get involved and give back to the community at Ville Painters. There are many different ways we do this, such as supplying silent auction painter for a day prize or donating our time to local nonprofits, but one that is close to our hearts is the initiative at Toys for Tots. In Winter 2020, our team members had the pleasure of volunteering in person at the toy warehouse of the Lancaster County Marine Toys for Tots Program. It was an honor to recently receive the Commander’s Award for the outstanding support of the Lancaster County Detachment Marine Corps League. We are delighted to be participating again this holiday season.  

This initiative is near to our hearts and you may feel connected to it as well. If you would like to donate, please drop off toys in our drop box at our office located at 2136 Dairy Rd, Lancaster PA 17601. If you are having work done on your home by us, our painters will be happy to pick up any toys while at your home to leave them at our drop box for you. We know the holidays are a busy time for everyone, so if you do not have the time to make it to our drop box, you can donate a toy online to the virtual toy box, find a toybox close to you, make an online cash donation, or select many other donation options. We also have staff that is willing to pick up toys at your location for the drive, simply call us at 717-396-1176 to schedule a pick up!  

Toy Donation Recommendations

Donation guidelines specify that toys should be: 

  • Unwrapped (no gift wrapping or gift bags) 
  • Unopened and still in their manufacturer packaging  
  • For ages up to 12, but local campaigns may accept gifts for up to 16 years
  • Not resembling realistic weapons or containing food 

Many of our painters are parents themselves, so if you are looking for toy recommendations, they have some suggestions! Younger kids may be easier to shop for since stores usually have up to date, classic toys like dolls & action figures, sensory toys, Legos, dress-up outfits, popular movie or TV show branded toys, stuffed plush animals, and much more.  

However, we know that pre-teens can be a little harder to shop for. We have gotten recommendations for them including: sporting equipment, arts & craft supplies, backpacks, board games, hand held electronics, skateboards/roller skates/helmets, cosmetics, purses, radio control cars, hair dryer/straightener/curler, watch & wallet sets, and gift bath baskets.

Apply To Receive Toys

If you find yourself in a tight financial situation this holiday season, know that there are initiatives to help you provide gifts for your kids. To receive a toy or pick up toys from Toys for Tots warehouse, please apply for toys as soon as possible.  

Our team had such a fulfilling time volunteering last year that we are looking forward to once again volunteer at the toy drive in 2021! The amazing professional painters that work for us have put aside one night of their time that will allow us to volunteer at the pickup location in mid December. If you see our team members wearing a Ville Painters logo, feel free to strike up a conversation as we walk through the aisles of toys.