Women in Trades

We all know about the wage gap, but what about the employment gap? Women can find it just as hard, if not harder, to break into any trades industry as those looking for jobs in other areas. It is no secret that most trades in the U.S. are greatly male dominated. At Ville Painters, 25% of our field staff are women and we strive to be an equal opportunity employer in the Lancaster construction industry. Becoming a professional painter is no small feat and we are always happy to foster anyone’s skills towards becoming an expert in the field. See how we compare against national averages, listed below:

  1. In 2018, women made up approximately 9.9% of the U.S. construction industry. Of all women in the construction industry, only 1% make up occupation sector of construction and maintenance. As mentioned earlier, 25% of our painters are women but, for our company as a whole, that percentage jumps up to 28%.  
  1. The gender pay gap is smaller in construction, with women making 99.1% on average of what a man makes, than the national average of 81.1%. At Ville Painters, we hire on each new painter with pay based solely on prior experience in the field, skills and knowledge. All painters are given the same 90-day review period with prompt feedback.  
  1. When entering a skilled trade, women can find unequal barriers to entry such as a lack of fair training programs. As part of our hiring process, Ville painters gives all painters required training as well as ongoing training or learning opportunities. We are happy to host workshops teaching new skills to those unfamiliar with a certain technique or partner an experienced leader with new team members new workers with an experienced leader to teach. Such workshops could include historic restoration, kitchen cabinet painting, artistic interior painting, or painted signage. There are also safety trainings every month for all employees on different topics.   

If you are interested in hearing more about our hiring or training process, please feel free to contact us today. Ready to get started on your professional painting career in Central Pennsylvania? Visit our careers page to see any current job openings!  

To any women in construction – we applaud your hard work and determination in an industry that may be untraditional and are happy to have some amazing women on board!