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Can you Paint a rental unit?

Can You Paint When Renting?

When renting a house, apartment, or even a single room, you want to make sure your space feels like a home. There are a number of ways to do this, like hanging pictures or rearranging the décor, but to really bring the whole area together, changing the color of your walls can be crucial. But…

Painting contractor painting stucco

Painting Exterior Stucco

The most defining characteristics of stucco are a rough, uneven appearance that creates texture on a home’s exterior. It gained popularity among builders and homeowners in the past decades because of its unique looks and low maintenance. But just like all exterior finishes, over time normal wear and tear will cause its appearance to fade.…

Brush Strokes Ville Painters News Letter

Brushstrokes – Summer 2022 Newsletter

Product Spotlight – Modern Master’s Oxidizing Paint Creating a beautiful metallic finish has never looked better, or has been so cost effective, as with the Modern Masters Metal Effect line of oxidizing paints. Instead of taking on the huge project of replacing fixtures, pipes, downspouts, gutters, railings and more with expensive real copper, think about refinishing…

Freshly painted basketball court

Athletic Courts at the Eden Resort get a Refresh!

Basketball, tennis, shuffleboard, even hopscotch – beloved outdoor games that are all played on a specially painted court. Repainting or refinishing these in-house can be a huge undertaking, which is why your local professional painting contractors are here to help! Ville Painters Recently had an interesting project at the Eden Resort & Suites in Lancaster, PA that included…

Home Exterior freshly painted

Product Spotlight – Modern Masters Oxidizing Paint

Creating a beautiful metallic finish has never looked better, or has been so cost effective, as with the Modern Masters Metal Effect line of oxidizing paints. Instead of taking on the huge project of replacing fixtures, pipes, downspouts, gutters, railings and more with expensive real copper, think about refinishing them with oxidizing copper paint. We recently…

How to seal a paint can

How to Store Your Leftover Paint

How to store your leftover paint  Don’t throw out that leftover paint! Saving that extra half gallon of unused paint from your painting project is imperative for touch ups and color matching down the road. If you use a professional painting contractor, make sure they leave any spare paint, or you could ask to make…

home exterior painting

Exterior Season is Here!

With the weather finally warming up, Ville Painters is getting ready to schedule exterior painting projects for the upcoming months! When was the last time your home or building’s exterior was painted – has it been more than five or even ten years? If so, your property is due for a refresh. Keeping your exterior and…

Ville Painters works at the YWCA of Lancaster

Lancaster YWCA Gets a Refresh!

A Lancaster County nonprofit that Ville Painters has the joy of partnering with for many years is the Lancaster YWCA. We love their mission and truly appreciate all they have done for the Lancaster community. They provide amazing opportunities for learning, training, counseling, career development, and much more since 1889. Recently, we took on an…

Brush Strokes Ville Painters News Letter

Brush Strokes – March 2022 Newsletter

Schedule Your Work for Exterior Season Today! Although it may seem like Winter is in full swing, now is the time to start thinking about Spring cleaning! Make sure your home or business is ready for the change of season and take a few moments for a maintenance walk-around of your property. The constant freezing and…

should you hire a professional painter or do it yourself

To DIY or Hire a Professional

Not a home design DIY extraordinaire? We can’t blame you – there is a lot of time and considerations to take into account when starting any renovation. Are you starting an interior or exterior? What is the square footage of every surface? Do you have the right tools, ladders, rollers? What damage do you have…

How can you cover water stains

How to Cover Water Stains

Water stains are a common occurrence in many homes. Walls and ceilings can be ruined by the ugly, growing patches that you can’t seem to get rid of. The brown uneven spots usually occur from a leak, one time water spill, or stagnant water. Therefore, their unsightly appearance may be the warning sign of a…

Visualize your next paint colors

Visualize Your Next Paint Color

When starting a new painting project, trying to visualize what colors look good in your home can be easier said than done. There are many things to take into consideration, like the lighting, furniture, other room colors, décor, and much more. When Ville Painters was first founded, we helped customers diecide with sample paint strips,…


Epoxy Coating on Garage Floors

An industry standard when laying the surface for garage floors is to use garage floor epoxy. Epoxy is a tougher coating, has a different chemical composition, and is harder to apply than paint. Therefore, it is so important to follow proper preparation and application instructions for each product. Before you get started on your own…

Latex, Acrylic, and oil Paint

Latex, Acrylic and Oil Paints

When you take up a house painting project, you are confronted with several mind boggling decisions. Not only do you have to choose what colors or finish you want for your project, you also must choose from three types of paint: latex, acrylic, and oil. The three types of paint have different properties that meet…

VOCs, Oil Paint, and lead based paint in homes

Environmental Considerations when Painting

Here at Ville Painters, we care about your health and the environment. Paint technology has changed through the years to become more environmentally-friendly. Now paint is free of toxic lead and low in VOCs, and we rarely use oil paint anymore because of the environmental harm they can cause. We mainly use “green” paint and…

Temporary Wallpaper blog

Temporary Wallpaper – The Good and the Bad

Temporary wallpaper, also known as peel and stick or removable wallpaper, has been around for some time now. It may seem to be becoming more popular with its rise in popularity on social media with quick tutorials and impressive before and after photos. This type of wall décor is exactly what the same implies; wallpaper…

Paint sample options

Paint Sample Options

When you go into a paint shop to choose your paint, you might see a wall or a fan deck containing a plethora of color strips with different shades or tints of the same color. There are names and numbers on the bottom of every square. When you flip to the back of the strip,…

2022 upcoming paint trends

2022 Painting Trends

Every year there are new trends in home renovation and remodeling. Professional painters and contractors alike can often see the next design trends coming before they really catch fire. With our professional opinion, Ville Painters has gathered a few home painting trends we expect to gain popularity in the new year and looking forward to completing.  …

Caulking tips and caulk gun

Caulking Tips

Part of what we do at Ville Painters Inc involves educating our clients so that they can make the most informed decision possible.  At times that may not involve hiring us, but we feel that our clients appreciate our insight and value honesty above all else.  In turn, some people who do not hire us…

Historic preservation of older homes

Old Houses and Historic Preservation

At Ville Painters Inc., one of our passions is historic preservation. Historic preservation allows us to share stories from the past with the current generations and maintain them for the future.   Lancaster County, especially Lancaster City, is well-renowned for the number of historic homes, some even older than the United States itself!   What is the…