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The September issue of Ville Painter's Newsletter is here!

Brush Strokes – September 2021 Newsletter

Giving back to the Lancaster County Community We realize that over the past year, our community has needed support more than ever. Even though Ville Painters might not always be in the position to provide vast financial support to every non profit we would like, we love to find any way we can to give…

Brethren Village Renovations

Retirement Community Renovations – Brethren Village

When moving into a new home, what do you want the walls to look like? Probably clean, free of damage, and with a neutral tome that can easily match with the décor you are bringing in. This extends into new apartment, and even retirement homes. Ville Painters has been working with Brethren Villiage of Lancaster County for almost a decade, making sure all new…

Ville Painters' Mask of Choice

Ville Painter’s Mask of Choice

Even before COVID-19, certain parts of a painter’s job have always required wearing a mask. The face coverings our workers wear are meant to filter out any unwanted particles during residential or commercial building maintenance. It is just an added bonus that they qualify as protection against other illnesses!  The 9205+ N95 If you are doing any home improvement projects that require…

Light Reflective Value Blog

Light Reflective Value of Paint

You choose a certain color for your walls because it looks attractive under the fluorescent lights in your local paint shop, so you hire painters to paint it for you in your own home. But the color seems… off? It doesn’t look like the same color you saw in the store. You check the paint can—it’s the…

phillips 1300

Exterior Home Projects You Should Start

Make sure to take care of a home’s exterior in the warmer months as it ensures everything is squared away before the weather turns! Even at the end of summer and into fall, you can still do exterior home improvement maintenance. These type of exterior upkeep projects fall into to three basic categories: 1)  painting,…

A checklist of how to prepare for professional painters

What to do Before the Painters Come

You’ve chosen the colors, received a free quote, and called to make an appointment for the professionals at Ville Painters to repaint your house in Lancaster County or Central Pennsylvania. Now, it’s almost time and you’re probably wondering how to prepare your house for our arrival. No worries! We’ve developed a checklist for both interior…

Interior Paint Prep Graphic

Proper Interior Paint Prep

Before you tackle an interior paint prep project, take a moment to walk through it in your head. Identify the potential problem areas and put together a priority list. You don’t need to have every detail sewn up – that will come as you gear up the prep – but 10 minutes of forethought can save hours…

Repaint your home to sell, Read the blog here

Painting to Sell

Are you having trouble selling your house at a desired price? Not to worry! You can easily increase the value of your house with a fresh coat of paint.  First Impressions Matter The adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” does not apply to human psychology and marketing. Psychological studies prove that we make…

school building featured image

School Buildings Need Painting

Ville Painters is experienced in all types of commercial painting projects – including school buildings. Lancaster County has so many different school districts and learning facilities, each catering to a different area or type of student, and we recognize each has different maintenance needs. However, learning facilities of all types need to be refreshed and renewed just like…

Lancaster Townhome winner

Ville Painters and BIA Parade of Homes

This year’s Building Industry Association Parade of homes was a little different than previous ones, featuring both in person and digital home tours. There were 18 single family homes/whole house remodel, townhomes/duplexes, and apartments ranging from a price of $249,990 to over $1 million in Lancaster County. The winners for this year were just announced and we are excited to see…

Paint Sheen (1)

All You need to Know about Paint Sheen

You’ve chosen the colors and the location to paint, but you’re confronted with one more decision to make before you can paint: the finish or sheen. What is sheen? Why is there a sheen called eggshell? Where can you put satin or high-gloss finish? Do I need a professional painter to assist in application or the…

How to get Hired as a Professional Painter

How to Get Hired as a Professional Painter

So, you want to know what painting companies are looking for in new employees? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Professional trades are always looking for skilled talent, now more than ever. Lancaster County has so many different trades to enter, but competition may be stiff when you’re just starting out. Whether you are a seasoned artist, fresh out of trade school, or looking to get into…

Flyer for Rotary Club of Lancaster's Wheels & Wings festival and 5k

Currently Sponsoring: Rotary Club of Lancaster’s Wings & Wheels Festival and 5k

The Rotary Club of Lancaster is getting ready to host their 4th annual Wheels & Wings and 5k Festival! After taking a year off due to the pandemic, flyers, drivers, and runners alike are keen to get out and show some support for this nonprofit. On July 24th, the Lancaster Airport will host vendors, live music, food trucks, and of…

Specialty Paints

Specialty Paint Products

What is specialty paint?  Specialty paint has additional properties that provide aesthetics and extra protection (e.g., resistance to heat, mildew, and moisture) that regular paint doesn’t have. Not all these products are expensive; but in many instances, the raw materials that go into them and research & development can drive the price.   Specialty coatings are…

color wheel spectrum

Color Spectrum and the Color Wheel

By Allison June 2021 How does light transform into color? How are different colors formed? Color is how our brains perceive and interpret visible light. In the Merriam Webster dictionary, color is defined as “the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or…


Color Psychology for Interior Painting

May 2021 By Madeline Hirtzel Our color choices reflect our diverse personalities and preferences, but does it have the power to influence our moods and invoke certain emotions? Color psychology is the study of how hues manipulate human behavior. Psychological studies have proven that different colors do hold some sway over our behavior, with their…

Brush Strokes – May 2021

Brush Strokes – May 2021

Brush Strokes – Mar 2021

Brush Strokes – Mar 2021

Brush Strokes – Feb 2021

Brush Strokes – Feb 2021

New Power Washing Division part of Ville Painters, Inc.

New Power Washing Division part of Ville Painters, Inc.