Unlocking the Past: Best Exterior Paint Colors for Your Historic Home

published on 12 September 2023

Choosing the right exterior paint colors for your historic house can be a particularly challenging endeavor. You want a hue that not only brings out your home's architectural features but also pays homage to its storied past. Fortunately, this guide from Ville Painters, with more than 35 years of expertise and an A+ rating with the BBB, aims to solve this dilemma for homeowners in Lancaster, Dauphin, and Lebanon Counties.

The Historical Palette: Going Beyond Whites and Browns

Most people might think that historic homes are confined to a palette of whites and browns, but that's a misconception. Many period styles—from Victorian to Craftsman—utilized a broad array of colors. For instance, in the late 19th century, it wasn't uncommon to see houses with combinations of teal, mustard, and rich maroon.

Color Harmonies and Accents

Striking a balance between tradition and aesthetics is a fine art. Focus on color harmonies and accents. Using complementary colors from the color wheel will not only preserve the historical essence but will also imbue your home with vibrancy. A blue-gray main color with red-orange accents could work wonders.

Geographical Relevance: Tailoring to Lancaster, Dauphin, and Lebanon Counties

When deciding on colors, consider the local trends and history of the area you live in. Lancaster County, known for its Amish history, often features homes with muted, earthy tones. Similarly, Dauphin and Lebanon Counties have their own color palettes rooted in Pennsylvania’s cultural heritage. Taking local nuances into account will enhance the authenticity of your home's look.

Material Matters: Factor in Your Home's Exterior Material

The type of material—whether it’s wood, stone, or brick—also dictates how the paint color will ultimately look. Lighter shades often go well with darker materials and vice versa. If you have a brick exterior, traditional whites and creams will beautifully contrast the natural reds and browns of the brick.

Expert Insights and Personal Preferences

If you're struggling to make a decision, consult experts like Ville Painters. Our decades-long experience, numerous accolades including being voted "Best Painter in Lancaster County," ensures that you're in good hands. You should also trust your instincts—after all, you'll be the one enjoying the view every day.

Unveil Your Home's Historic Charm with Ville Painters

Whether it’s a Victorian gem in Lancaster or a Colonial Revival in Lebanon, unlocking your home’s historic charm is a journey worth embarking upon. With the right exterior paint colors, you can not only uphold its historical integrity but also elevate its curb appeal.

Don’t know where to start? Give Ville Painters a call at (717) 396-1176 or visit our website at villepaintersinc.com for a FREE quote on your next painting project. With our seasoned expertise, your home will become a splendid chapter in your county’s history.


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